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Teens talking during Jumpstart Talk Circle At ARTreach 180

REACH 180 Programs Spring Semester Update

REACH 180 programs started back this week and we are so excited for what this semester is going to bring!

Campus Locations

Three churches have graciously given us space to use as our campuses and we couldn’t be more grateful to have their congregations wrap around the students and their families:

Cornerstone Bible Church (McDonough) – ARTreach 180 South Campus

Stockbridge United Methodist Church (Stockbridge) – ARTreach 180 North Campus

First Christian Church (Stockbridge) – SPORTSreach 180 Campus

Transportation services are available from the student’s school or from their homes (in Henry County) to our campuses at no cost.

Theme and Goals

This school year, the theme we’re working on “what’s your next step”. This semester, the educational focus is not only what our next step is, but HOW to take that step and what to do next. Students process topics through art, drama, and sports, which gives them an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings in a talk circle, called jumpstart. The key outcomes for youth participants are:

  • Improving and building healthy relationships
  • Developing positive coping skills
  • Working to identify emotions and handling them in an appropriate way

These goals result in youth being able to make positive life choices.

Teens playing basketball at SPORTSreach 180

Battling Food Insecurity With Family Mealtime

In each session, a team of trained staff and volunteers provide mentoring and instruction to students. One of the favorite segments of programming is when we come together for Family Mealtime. This is the opportunity to break bread together, have conversation with each other around the table, and commune together building the culture and community at each of our campuses. Many of our students struggle with food insecurity, so you can imagine what a difference this makes in their lives.

Family involvement plays a big role in our programs. We’re exploring various ways to further those relationships through ongoing communication and collaboration with families and their referral sources. We truly believe that any student can benefit from our programs and want to be able to provide that relationship to the student and their family and/or referral source.

Refer A Youth to ARTreach 180 or SPORTSreach 180

There’s still time to get those referrals in for middle and high school aged students. We will close referrals for the ARTreach 180 and SPORTSreach 180 semester the week of March 4th.

We are looking forward to continuing to welcome all of these students, getting to know them, and introducing them to all that our REACH 180 after-school programs have to offer. It’s going to be a great semester!

If you have any questions on our programs and/or have students you’d like to refer, visit our website or contact Hilary Siebold today and we’d be happy to help you!