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Youth Detention Facility Ministry: God at the Red Light

neuroaethetics at work in at risk youth

Crosswalk Ministries USA at NYAR

Representatives from Crosswalk Ministries USA will be presenting two workshops at the NYAR Conference (National Youth Advocacy & Resilience), March 3-6, 2024 in Savannah, Georgia. DRAMA WORKSHOP Feelings Center Stage: Using Playback Theatre to Process Emotions Participants in this workshop will be able to: ART WORKSHOP Art for Nourishing &

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Teens talking during Jumpstart Talk Circle At ARTreach 180

REACH 180 Programs Spring Semester Update

REACH 180 programs started back this week and we are so excited for what this semester is going to bring! Campus Locations Three churches have graciously given us space to use as our campuses and we couldn’t be more grateful to have their congregations wrap around the students and their

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Fruit In Season

In spite of the fact that I love gardening and the fruits of my labors that result in the spring and summer, fall is still my favorite season. Not only do I enjoy hiking in the mountains, sweater weather, college football, and the vibrant colors of the changing leaves, but

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