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Robert Edwards


Robert is an Atlanta, Georgia native. He was born and raised in and around Atlanta and has been raising his family here as well in North Atlanta. Robert grew up mainly in Dekalb county and wasn’t exactly born on the right side of the tracks. He had to deal with many things that only grown men should have to deal with. This led down a path that put him in a place for him to need guidance and corrective programming. This is what has led him to have a heart for helping today’s teens understand and deal with their struggles and emotions. He was in a similar program that was also run by ARTreach’s 180 founder Gina Moore, and because of her and her team’s dedication to his full 180-degree turnaround he is now happily married and has gotten to become the stepfather to a wonderful daughter. Robert was offered the Site Director position by Gina Moore herself and immediately said yes and has loved every bit of the job. He greatly enjoys each student interaction and being able to spend time with them in a way they can truly express themselves unhindered.