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Youth Detention Facility Ministry: God at the Red Light

It happens every day. You’re sitting at a red light, the first in a line of cars that stretches behind you into infinity. While you wait, there are hundreds of things to distract you…changing the radio station, reading a text message on your watch, finishing that chocolate cream-filled donut that called your name at QT… And then it happens. Just as you try to wipe the blob of chocolate off the front of your shirt, you hear: BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!!

Nobody has to tell you that the light has now turned green. As you get yourself together to put your sticky hands on the wheel, the drivers behind you get more impatient. “I’m going! I’m going!” you say out loud to nobody in particular. And off you go, now thoroughly irritated as you drive to the office.

Have You Been That Distracted Driver of the Front Car at the Red Light?

When it happened to me recently, I had been reading PRIMAL by one of my favorite authors, Mark Batterson. When I heard the honking behind me and came back to reality, my mind went immediately to an illustration I had just read in the book:

One of my pet peeves is people sitting at green lights. If you don’t put the pedal to the metal when the light turns green, I’m going to give you a little love tap. Why? Because I’ve got places to go and things to do. Life is too short to sit at green lights. 2000 years ago Jesus said, “Go.” So why do we operate with a red-light mentality? It seems like many of us are waiting for the green light that we’ve already been given.

youth detention facility ministrySo, What Are We Waiting For?

There are so many things right here in our corner of the world that break the heart of God. There are urgent needs that demand immediate action. Sure, there are many distractions, but there is no time to waste! The Spirit is gently tapping on the horn, reminding us–The light is green, and we must GO! Unemployed families need food; homeless women and children need shelter; sick people need care; and kids in jail need to know the God of second chances.

Volunteers Needed!

If Crosswalk has ever needed volunteers, it’s now! There are currently 25 secure youth detention facilities in Georgia. Fifteen of those are within a 2-hour drive of Henry County, and nine of those are an hour or less away. We could be doing so much more if we had more volunteers willing to go. If you can serve a cup of punch and a piece of birthday cake, you’ve been equipped already. These young people just need to know there are folks on the outside who care enough to show up and demonstrate the compassion of Jesus.

The next time you’re that first car and miss the green light, I hope you hear God giving you a gentle tap on the horn reminding you that He will equip you for every good work. Please prayerfully consider being a part of this team and helping at a youth detention facility ministry birthday party (even if it is just once to see what it’s like). You won’t be sorry. As our co-founder, Bill Ward, used to say, “We are the ushers; God is the show!” If you are ready to “put the pedal to the metal” and go, then don’t hesitate. The light is green for you to serve alongside us in the DJJ facilities, please complete and email the volunteer application form today.